Endowment keeps us strong

anchester’s endowment is about the future. It’s about making a Manchester education possible for students now and students to come.

For smaller, independent institutions that are tuition-dependent like Manchester, a strong endowment helps maintain financial stability. The endowment ensures that the University has permanent assets that create a stream of revenue and have an enduring impact.

Endowed funds can help provide students with unforgettable experiences: studying abroad, performing service learning, conducting undergraduate research or completing a professional internship.

Gifts to the endowment can be restricted or unrestricted.

Restricted endowment gifts are funds designated to be used in a specific way by the donor. This may include support for a particular department or financial aid for students in a certain field of study. These gifts can be named to honor the donor or a loved one to commemorate a family legacy or an important individual.

“A strong endowment sends a message of long-term stability for the University and provides for future needs that we haven’t yet imagined – Melanie Harmon
Carly Greaves, a senior and recipient of the endowed Vera Ingle Newcomer Memorial Scholarship for students studying English, said, “As an English major (one of the only in my graduating class), I am incredibly grateful to receive this scholarship. It seems like most major-specific scholarships focus on the sciences or business or similarly practical subjects. It’s nice to know that there are still people out there who support majors that focus on creativity and uniqueness.”
Marvin ’63 and Elaine Sailors ’64 Bittinger
Above: Marvin ’63 and Elaine Sailors ’64 Bittinger
Marvin Bittinger ’63, professor emeritus, gave an endowed gift to support the math department to enhance the teaching of a critical field at Manchester. “We have such a need in this country for good math teachers,” said Bittinger. “I think, in many ways, it was to give back.” His hope is that students coming to Manchester for the first time will see that “somebody put this here” for them.

Unrestricted endowment gifts allow Manchester to use the funds for the University’s greatest needs at that moment.

“A strong endowment sends a message of long-term stability for the University and provides for future needs that we haven’t yet imagined,” said Randy Brown, campaign chair.

The endowment is synonymous with Manchester’s future. When a first-generation student needs support to further their academic journey, when a beloved program has unexpected needs, when there are bumps along the way –and there always are – the endowment is there to help.

The goal is $8 million
Endowed funds have always been a vital source of financial aid to keep college expenses manageable for students and families. Manchester prides itself on providing financial aid to 100 percent of its students, and with the help of generous donors, we can continue that support.