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From the Editor
Stay Bold, Manchester

’ve lived in North Manchester my entire life. I spent the last four years studying peace studies and English here at Manchester. During my final semester of college, I decided to stay a little longer, accepting the position of communications specialist in the Office of Strategic Communications.

Sure, I stayed because it was easy. I didn’t have to immediately worry about finding a place to live, buying a car, making new friends, becoming acclimated to a whole new organization. I stayed because Manchester is familiar.

But I also stayed because Manchester is the place that showed me my own potential, the place that encouraged and allowed me to be bold. I didn’t feel like I could be bold until I came to Manchester. I never could have imagined that one day I would be co-editor of the University newspaper or asked to speak on a panel in front of a crowd about my research on AIDS activism. It was here that I truly discovered and learned to celebrate my own talents and passions.

When I first arrived at Manchester, I had little confidence that I would do anything great. I was content to fly under the radar and leave without anyone knowing the difference. I soon realized this was impossible. Everyone makes an impact at Manchester. Opportunities came my way, and I knew I had to take them. From traveling to New Orleans and Atlanta for January session courses to completing an internship that turned into a job, Manchester taught me to boldly own who I am.

Every student who comes to Manchester has that same potential, and the initiatives of Manchester’s BOLD Campaign are helping to make this an even more supportive and inclusive environment for students now and in the future.

We all have a bold story from our days at Manchester, likely many. The stories that follow remind us why we continue to be bold and support the future of this place we love.

Every Manchester student deserves the chance to live out their story.

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Chloe Leckrone ’22