Real needs, exceptional experiences
The Manchester Fund supports our mission and fills the gaps

he most useful and influential people in America are those who take the deepest interest in institutions that exist for the purpose of making the world better.”

– Booker T. Washington

One of the many things that sets Manchester apart is the enduring interest of those who wish to help those who come after them.

Producing graduates who make the world a better place is the reason we exist. It is our mission. The Manchester Fund is the place where your gifts – large or small – can stretch to make the greatest impact.

It is no secret that tuition alone has never covered the full cost of a Manchester education. When students have higher-than-average financial need or experience cuts in government aid, The Manchester Fund is there.

The Manchester Fund ensures that the University can focus on teaching and learning while having the flexibility to handle day-to-day realities.

When winter weather is exceptionally harsh, The Manchester Fund helps pay those exceptionally high utility bills and helps makes sure parking lots and sidewalks are safe for walking.

When A. Blair Helman Hall needed new roofing, when carpeting in the Physical Exercise & Recreation Center (PERC) had to be replaced, and the fast-growing esports program needed an upgrade, The Manchester Fund was there.

In recent years, the fund modernized plumbing and improved lighting in East Hall bathrooms, tuned campus pianos and provided stronger Wi-Fi signals. When the Spartan baseball team qualified for the national championship, The Manchester Fund paid travel expenses for the team and coaches.

This is a long way of saying that The Manchester Fund bridges gaps and addresses the most urgent needs.

The fund helps pay for laboratory equipment, technology upgrades, subscriptions and access for the library, student activities and services including health and career development. It also helps support Manchester traditions, such as Homecoming and May Day, which provide students with lifelong Manchester memories.

Every gift to The Manchester Fund addresses real needs and helps provide exceptional experiences for students. It is a way for you to help provide what the world so desperately needs – more Manchester graduates.

Two students with headsets looking at monitor
The goal is $11 million
Every dollar you give makes a difference, and we promise to do the most good possible with every penny.