Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan is University's 'Roadmap'
President Young discusses how Manchester can continue its legacy of improving the human condition

anchester’s 2022-2027 strategic plan is organized around three major themes: distinctively Manchester teaching and learning, focused investment and growth, and being an inspiring place to learn and work. Each theme involves three strategies, and those strategies are put into action through multiple initiatives.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees in October 2022, the plan was developed by people from all areas of the Manchester community, and was created based on what is important to them. This mission-driven plan serves as a guide to ensure that, years from now, the University can continue graduating persons of ability and conviction.

President Stacy Hendricks ’96 Young immediately embraced the strategic plan upon her arrival, making it one of the focal points of her first few months.

“If everybody is working on the initiatives we can move together and actually achieve them. In my experience, everybody working together will move a strategic plan forward.”

“In my experience, everybody working together will move a strategic plan forward.”
Making the strategic plan known and visible across both Manchester locations is integral to achieving it. Young has had banners with the plan’s themes and strategies put up in every building and has made sure every employee has a physical copy.

“It was important to me to get the Manchester University Strategic Plan, already a year old, in front of faculty and staff every day,” Young said. “Today, each staff and faculty member has a copy. We are also putting the plan into action, connecting it to our everyday work, referencing it to our budget, and including it in written work. Highlighting the strategic plan in these ways will keep the focus on University priorities.”

table of Themes and Strategies for Manchester University
Manchester University’s 2022-2027 strategic plan
With so many different strategies and initiatives at play, each member of the Manchester community has their own unique role in furthering the plan. While people work on their specific areas, the plan keeps everyone progressing in the same direction. “It’s kind of our roadmap to follow to move Manchester further, faster,” she said. “And we have these points along the way, so we know we’re doing a good job.”

While the entire plan is necessary to move Manchester into the future, Young sees enrollment growth as the top priority and the element of the plan that most motivates her work. “We can’t have a meaningful place to work if we don’t have students,” Young said. “We can’t have vibrant student experiences without students. We can’t tell our great stories without students. Students are everything.”

In her interactions with alumni and donors, Young has noticed that many of them express interest in Manchester’s plan for the future.

“If people are investing in Manchester, they want to know that we’re not just randomly doing things. They want to know that they’re investing in the future and that we have a plan for how we’re going to use that money and that it’s part of a bigger mission.”

Read through the full plan here.